Hanchuan Chuandong Group Project

March 21, 2023
Latest company case about Hanchuan Chuandong Group Project

latest company case about Hanchuan Chuandong Group Project  0

Location Xiaogan, Hubei Category Commercial complex Means of communication 485+LoRaWAN



Project Overview
Hanchuan Chuandong Group Project is a comprehensive commercial reconstruction. The electricity meters are scattered, some in shops and some in distribution boxes. Centralized meters communicate through 485+LoRaWAN acquisition. Distributed electricity meters upload data to the cloud platform through the LoRaWAN gateway.
Software information
Software systems: PaaS/Enterprises SaaS
Functional overview:

1、Active collection, automatic recording data, data real-time automatic update.

2、Judge the working state of the switch, remotely control the opening and closing of the switch.

Hardware information
Terminal: Single Phase watt-hour meter Quantity: 3500
Terminal: Three-phase watt-hour meter Quantity: 1600
Collection equipment: Collector Quantity: 400
Collection equipment: Concentrator Quantity: 30
Collection equipment: Gateway Quantity: 25