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March 21, 2023
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Location Wuhan, Hubei Province Category Commercial complex Means of communication LoRaWAN


Project Overview
Optical Valley Tiandi project is a comprehensive commercial reconstruction. The electricity meters are scattered, some in shops and some in distribution boxes. The electricity meter uploads the data to the cloud platform through the LoRaWAN gateway.
Software information
Software systems: PaaS/new SaaS
Functional overview: 1、Upload data every hour.
2、Users can top up their accounts and make inquiries through wechat APP.
3、The charge is prepaid.
4、Remote meter reading, charge, power cut, statistical report export.
Hardware information
Collection equipment: Gateway Quantity: 15
Terminal: Single Phase watt-hour meter Quantity: 1500
Terminal: Three-phase watt-hour meter Quantity: 600