Beijing Hualian Supermarket

March 21, 2023
Latest company case about Beijing Hualian Supermarket

latest company case about Beijing Hualian Supermarket  0

Beijing Hualian Comprehensive Supermarket Co. , Ltd. is a national expanding supermarket chain enterprise, which is mainly engaged in large general supermarket chain and fresh supermarket. It has stores in 19 provinces and cities across the country.


  Management System: TimeWave energy monitoring platform, meter reading and charging system


  Terminal Hardware: 470 LoRa gateways. 1350 three-phase meters. 4250 single-phase meters


  Programme effectiveness:

  The electricity meter transformation and meter reading structure of 150 stores and surrounding shops across the country were completed. The electricity meters are distributed in the peripheral stores of each supermarket, and the data is uploaded to the cloud platform through the LoRaWAN gateway. Through the TimeWave energy supervision platform, the functions of remote power on and power off, charge management, data summary and report export are realized. Users can use WeChat to query the usage and recharge the pre-payment.