Smart Bluetooth Parent-Child Electronic Energy Meter: Single Phase, LoRaWAN / Nb / 4G / WiFi

Place of Origin Hubei, China
Brand Name TimeWave
Certification ISO/IEC 20000-1, ISO/IEC 27001,I SO/IEC 9001
Model Number DDZY2397/DTZY2397
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Price EXW US$ 10-18/set
Packaging Details 20pcs/carton
Delivery Time 3-5 weeks after receive the payment
Supply Ability 2000 set/week

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Product Description

Smart Bluetooth Parent-Child Electronic Energy Meter: Single Phase, LoRaWAN / Nb / 4G / WiFi 0



Smart Bluetooth Parent-Child Electronic Energy Meter: Single Phase, LoRaWAN / Nb / 4G / WiFi


DDZY2397 single-phase IoT Bluetooth parent-child electric energy meter consists of one parent meter and multiple child meters. It adopts digital signal processing chip, permanent storage of information, standard LoRaWAN,Cat. 1, Bluetooth and RS485 communication interface, LCD and other technologies. The advanced SMT surface mounting process is adopted for the electric energy meter. The shell is made of high-strength, flame retardant and environment-friendly materials, which is novel, beautiful and applicable. It has high insulation strength and corrosion resistance. The meter integrates many functions, including electric energy metering, information storage and processing, information interaction, etc.


Smart Bluetooth Parent-Child Electronic Energy Meter: Single Phase, LoRaWAN / Nb / 4G / WiFi 1Smart Bluetooth Parent-Child Electronic Energy Meter: Single Phase, LoRaWAN / Nb / 4G / WiFi 2Smart Bluetooth Parent-Child Electronic Energy Meter: Single Phase, LoRaWAN / Nb / 4G / WiFi 3



Our Advantages


The single-phase IoT Bluetooth child meters and parent meter exchange data wirelessly via Bluetooth. The transmitted data contains relevant information for the corresponding receiving meters, which are processed after comparing the information. This solution is suitable for situations where energy meters are installed densely, eliminating the need for RS485 wiring and making the overall deployment more convenient and cost-effective.

Smart Bluetooth Parent-Child Electronic Energy Meter: Single Phase, LoRaWAN / Nb / 4G / WiFi 4

Example: the platform issues instructions that are sent to the corresponding parent meter through the communication interface of LoRaWAN/NB-IoT/Cat.1/WiFi (optional). The parent meter then transmits the instructions to the child meters via Bluetooth. Upon receiving the data, the child meters within multiple ranges will perform corresponding operations based on the child meter information in the data. When the child meters upload data through Bluetooth, the data also contains the entered parent meter information, and the corresponding parent meter sends back the data to the platform after receiving it.


1.Communication modes: Built-in Bluetooth/LoRaWAN/NB-IoT/Cat.1/WiFi communication modules and SIM cards, suitable for 4G/5G operator networks.

2.Electric energy metering: the function of measuring positive active and negative active electric energy. It can measure, store and display the voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency and other operating parameters and status of the current watt hour meter.

3.Remote on-off: send power off command through Bluetooth/LoRaWAN/NB-IoT/Cat.1/WiFi communication modes to cut off the user's load circuit. Or send the power transmission command to connect the user load circuit.

4.Data communication: active upload/two-way transparent transmission function. Actively transmit data to the corresponding platform through Bluetooth/LoRaWAN/NB-IoT/Cat.1/WiFi (optional) wireless network. The default interval is 4 hours (settable).

5.Power Limitation: optional maximum power limitation and intelligent anti-theft electricity. It has overload protection function.



Product Paremeters

Qualification Single Phase Direct Meter
Standards IEC62053-21, IEC62052-11, DL/T645-2007
Rated Voltage un 220V
Operating Voltage Range 80% Un ~115% Un
Rated Current Limit ib 5A
Maximum Current: Imax 80A
Starting Current 0.4% Ib
Power Grid Frequency 50Hz
Frequency Range ±2%
Active Measurement Accuracy Class B / 1
Reactive Measurement Accuracy Class 2
Active Pulse Constant 1600(imp/kWh)
Reactive Pulse Constant 1600(imp/kvarh)
Clock Precision ±0.5S/d (23ºC)
Normal Operating Temperature Range -25ºC~+55ºC
Extreme Operating Temperature Range -40ºC~+70ºC
Transportation and Storage Temperature Range -40ºC~+70ºC
Power Dissipation <1.5W ,10VA
The Time that the Blackout Clock Preserves >24h
The RS485 Interface The default 2400bps, 1200bps, 2400bps, 4800bps, and 9600bps are optional
LoraWan Frequency CN470,RU864,IN865,EU868,US/AU915,KR920,AS923_1/2/3/4,Custom Channels


Display Description


Smart Bluetooth Parent-Child Electronic Energy Meter: Single Phase, LoRaWAN / Nb / 4G / WiFi 13

LCD full-screen display schematic diagram (as shown above)



The specific display items are listed as follows:


Smart Bluetooth Parent-Child Electronic Energy Meter: Single Phase, LoRaWAN / Nb / 4G / WiFi 14



Status indicator lamp:
The electricity meter uses a bright, long-life LED as a pulse indicator light.
It has active power pulse indicator light: red, usually go out, flashing when measuring active power.
LoRaWAN/Bluetooth/RS485/Cat.1 Module status indicator: green. Always on indicates online, and flashing indicates going online.


LoRaWAN Smart Electric Meter: The Future of Electric Management


LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) Smart Electric Meters bring several key features to the table, largely due to the specific advantages of the LoRaWAN communication technology itself. Here are some key features:

Long-Range Communication: LoRaWAN has a range of up to 15 kilometers in rural areas, and up to 5 kilometers in urban areas. This makes it perfect for smart meters, especially in areas where meters are spread out over large distances.

Low Power Consumption: LoRaWAN devices consume very little power, which means the smart meters can operate for years without needing a battery replacement. This is crucial in remote areas where regular maintenance may be impractical.

High Capacity: A single LoRaWAN gateway can handle up to thousands of nodes, meaning that a single gateway can receive data from thousands of smart electric meters, making it a cost-effective solution for large scale deployments.

Security: LoRaWAN uses two layers of encryption (unique network, application, and device keys) to ensure that the data being transmitted is secure. This is important in smart meters where privacy and security are key concerns.

Adaptability: LoRaWAN's Adaptive Data Rate (ADR) feature optimizes data rate, airtime, and energy consumption, making it suitable for varying network conditions.

Bi-Directional Communication: Unlike some other technologies, LoRaWAN allows for both uplink (device to server) and downlink (server to device) communications. This enables not just data collection, but also remote control or firmware updates if necessary.

Geolocation: LoRaWAN enables geolocation without additional power consumption, which can be beneficial in certain metering or grid applications.

Interoperability: LoRaWAN is based on open standards, which allows devices from different manufacturers to work together seamlessly. This is crucial for utilities companies who might have meters from different vendors.





Live installation of wiring is strictly prohibited!
The electricity meter shall be installed indoors as far as possible. Special instrument box protection shall be used for outdoor installation. The installation bottom plate shall be fixed on the wall with strong fire resistance and not easy to vibration. There must be no corrosive gases in the surrounding air where the meter is installed. Avoid dust, salt spray, etc.
When using the electricity meter, the wiring must be conducted strictly according to the wiring diagram in the tail cover of the meter. It is recommended to use copper wire for the lead connected to the terminal seat. The screws of the fixed lead in the terminal seat should be tightened to avoid burning the electricity meter due to bad contact and heating.

Ammeters must be transported and stored under the original packaging conditions. Products shall not be severely impacted during transportation and unpacking, and shall be transported and stored according to GB / T 25480-2010 Basic Environmental Conditions for Instrument Transportation and Storage and Test Methods as stipulated in 2010. The products should be stored in the warehouse and placed on the platform frame. The stacking height shall not exceed five layers. No corrosive gases shall be present in the stored environment.

If the user complies with the transportation, storage and installation operation specifications, and the lead seal of the manufacturer is still complete.If there is a quality problem, our company is responsible for free repair or replacement within 18 months from the date of delivery the electricity meter.
During the whole life cycle of the products, our company implements "three guarantees" for all electricity meter products, providing necessary maintenance and services. Providing equipment wiring diagram and necessary technical documents and drawings. According to the requirements of users, provide necessary training for maintenance personnel and operators. Providing training materials, and update the software regularly and provide free upgrade.
After receiving the service request of the product user, our company will respond within 12 hours.


Company Profile

Wuhan Timewave IoT Technology Co., Ltd. is a high tech enterprise specializing in the application of Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) core technologies to establish an energy monitoring service platform. We provide a one-stop solution and service for our clients, offering metering and communication equipment, software system platforms, project construction, and daily operation and maintenance.

We independently develop and manufacture the "Timewave" brand LPWAN smart energy meters, smart water meters, smart gas meters, and alarm systems, among other communication terminal products. Coupled with the "Timewave Cloud" energy supervision platform, which encompasses metering, meter reading, billing, management, and control of water, electricity, gas, and heat, we can provide and implement automatic meter reading and billing, carbon emission monitoring, safe electricity use, energy consumption analysis, energy-saving analysis, transformer monitoring, data center environment monitoring, and intelligent operation and maintenance. We have a wealth of experience in the practical application of water and electricity meters using LoRaWAN technology.

The "Timewave Cloud" energy supervision platform is widely used in various settings, including campuses, supermarkets, apartments, hospitals, factories, parks, buildings, railways, airports, data centers, and more.We have connected over 200,000 IoT terminals, implemented over 200 projects, and expanded our reach to over 30 provinces and cities across the country. Moreover, we provide operation and maintenance support for ground projects in multiple countries and regions, including Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Laos, North Korea, and Mongolia.

Timewave IoT Technology is committed to solving issues related to difficult meter reading, billing, payment, energy-saving and efficiency improvement, and safe energy use. We aspire to become a leader in the field of energy IoT and energy supervision platforms.

Smart Bluetooth Parent-Child Electronic Energy Meter: Single Phase, LoRaWAN / Nb / 4G / WiFi 15