Smart Water Flow Meter with Prepaid Remote Control and Lora/Lorawan/4G, Cold/Hot Flowmeter, DN15/DN20/DN25

Place of Origin Hubei , China
Brand Name TimeWave
Certification ISO/IEC 20000-1,ISO/IEC 27001,ISO/IEC 9001
Model Number Type LXSY-TW
Minimum Order Quantity Negotiable
Price EXW price US$ 40-60/set
Packaging Details Customized packaging
Delivery Time 3-5 weeks after receive the payment
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Supply Ability 2000 sets per week

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Product Details
Type Cold/Hot Water Meter Quiescent Current <10uA
Operating Voltage 2.7 ~ 3.6 V Range Ratio Q2/Q1=1.6 Q4/Q3=1.25
Operative Norm GB/T 778-2018 Communication Lorawan/4G
Nominal Caliber 15/20/25mm Display Method Digital
Installation Method Horizontal Transport Packaging Carton
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Product Description

Smart Water Flow Meter with Prepaid Remote Control and Lora/Lorawan/4G, Cold/Hot Flowmeter, DN15/DN20/DN25 0



Smart Water Flow Meter with Prepaid Remote Control and Lora/Lorawan/4G, Cold/Hot Flowmeter, DN15/DN20/DN25


The Smart Water Meter of the Internet of Things is composed of Dry Water Meter base meter, Electric Ball Valve, Magnetic Resistance Sensor, MCU, Lithium Sub-battery Pack, LoRaWAN Wireless Communication Module, Control Circuit and other components. It adopts the Electromechanical Separation structure design. It has the advantages of long communication distance, large capacity, fast and convenient installation, and long service life.


Smart Water Flow Meter with Prepaid Remote Control and Lora/Lorawan/4G, Cold/Hot Flowmeter, DN15/DN20/DN25 1Smart Water Flow Meter with Prepaid Remote Control and Lora/Lorawan/4G, Cold/Hot Flowmeter, DN15/DN20/DN25 2Smart Water Flow Meter with Prepaid Remote Control and Lora/Lorawan/4G, Cold/Hot Flowmeter, DN15/DN20/DN25 3



Our Advantages


1. Split Structure: The electronic units are relatively independent of the base table.

Accurate Measurement: Using non-contact electronic detection logic and measurement accuracy of 10 liters to ensure the mechanical and electrical consistency.

Physical buttons: Touch button wake-up and long press on the button to immediately go online remote data transmission.

Infrared Communication Interface: Can read and set relevant parameters.

Alarm Functions: Abnormal state, measurement fault, abnormal battery voltage, abnormal valve, etc.

Timing Uploading Function: Automatically upload data at set time points (once a day by default), and also receive and execute valid instructions from the platform.

Micro-power Consumption Design: Adopt 3.6V lithium sub-battery pack (ER26500 + HPC1520), with dormant current <10uA.

Clock Calibration Function: Automatic calibration function and remote calibration function of platform after the water meter is connected to the network.



Product Paremeters


Nominal Caliber 15/20/25mm
Overload Flow Q4 3.1/5.0/7.8m3/h
Commonly Used Flow Q3 2.5/4.0/6.3m3/h
R = Q3/Q1 100 (Dry Type)
Range Ratio Q2/Q1 = 1.6, Q4/Q3 = 1.25
Pressure Loss Level
Δp 0.063MPa
Maximum Allowable Water Pressure
Temperature Grade T30/T90
Flow Characteristics Comply with GB / T 778.1~3-2007 standard, accuracy level: level 2
Maximum Allowable Error The high area (Q2/Q/Q4) is ± 2%, and the low area (Q1/Q < Q2) is ± 5%
Water Meter Type Electronic Remote Transmission Water Meter with Electronic Device
Design Criteria CJT224-2012 Electronic Remote Water Meter
Communication Mode LoRaWAN: CN470, RU864, IN865, EU868, US/AU915, KR920, AS923_1/2/3/4, Custom Channels
Quiescent Current < 10uA
Communication Current Data Collection and Generating Currents < 50mA and Peak Current < 100mA
Work Environment
0~ + 45ºC (Cold Water)
0~ + 90ºC (Hot Water)
Working Voltage 2.7~3.6 V
Operative Norm GB/T 778-2018


LoRaWAN Smart Water Meter: The Future of Water Management

Our LoRaWAN Smart Water Meter represents a leap forward in water management technology. This state-of-the-art device combines the groundbreaking LoRaWAN protocol with advanced metering technology to deliver real-time, secure, and accurate water usage data.

Long-Range Communication: Our device uses LoRaWAN, a low-power, wide-area network protocol, designed to communicate over several kilometers in rural areas and several hundred meters in urban settings. This ensures reliable data transmission, no matter where your meter is located.

Low Power Consumption: The Smart Water Meter operates with minimal power, making it ideal for locations where electricity supply may be unreliable. Thanks to this feature, the meter can run for years on its battery before requiring a replacement.

Real-Time Data Monitoring: Stay informed about your water usage with real-time data updates. Our smart water meter helps you identify leaks, conserve water, and manage your water usage more efficiently.

Secure Data Transmission: Your data's security is our top priority. That's why our smart water meter uses AES-128 encryption, ensuring your data remains safe and confidential.

Scalability: With the ability to support millions of devices, the LoRaWAN Smart Water Meter can be deployed across wide areas. This makes it an ideal choice for both individual and commercial usage.

Geolocation Capabilities: Our smart water meter offers geolocation data, helping you easily locate your meter or detect any unauthorized movement.

Bi-Directional Communication: Not only can the smart water meter send data to the network, but it can also receive important information, such as firmware updates or specific commands, ensuring your device is always up-to-date and functioning optimally.

Embrace the future of water management today with our LoRaWAN Smart Water Meter. It's not just a product; it's a solution for efficient, secure, and intelligent water management.



Display Description


Under the normal state, the water meter will be automatically put online once a day (settable). Through wireless communication, the water meter data will be uploaded to the system platform, and the relevant instructions of the system platform (parameter setting and valve control, etc.) will be received and executed at the same time.


Smart Water Flow Meter with Prepaid Remote Control and Lora/Lorawan/4G, Cold/Hot Flowmeter, DN15/DN20/DN25 8


In order to prevent human malicious multiple triggers to go online (loss of battery power), we specifically set the interval time between two consecutive trigger line must be more than 5 minutes. And it is stipulated that the number of daily button trigger on the line should less than 8 times (the infrared communication setting instruction is not affected by the number).


When the valve is closed, long press and hold the trigger button for the first time every month for 3 seconds, and the water meter valve will open. The water meter valve will be opened to overdraft using 3m³ water. When the overdrawn 3m³ water quantity is used up, the water meter closes the valve automatically.


Overall Dimension (unit: mm)
Nominal caliber (mm)
Take over control
LX SY -15
LX SY -20
LX SY -25




l. Water meters should be checked frequently to prevent water meter leakage accidents.
lI. In winter, it is necessary to prevent the water meter from freezing and bursting. Installing insulation measures to the water meter when necessary.
lII. When the home is not occupied for a long time, should close the valve in front of the table to prevent water leakage accidents.
lV. Water meter is a measuring product and shall not be destroyed. Destroying water meter is an illegal action.

Water meters must be transported and stored under the original packaging conditions. Products shall not be severely impacted during transportation and unpacking, and are transported and stored in accordance with GB / T15464-1995 General Technical Conditions for Instrument Packaging. The products shall be stored in the warehouse and placed on the platform frame. The stacking height shall not exceed five layers. No corrosive gases shall be present in the stored environment.

If the user complies with the transportation, storage and installation operation specifications, and the lead seal of the manufacturer is still complete.If there is a quality problem, our company is responsible for free repair or replacement within 18 months from the date of delivery the electricity meter.
During the whole life cycle of the products, our company implements "three guarantees" for all electricity meter products, providing necessary maintenance and services. Providing equipment wiring diagram and necessary technical documents and drawings. According to the requirements of users, provide necessary training for maintenance personnel and operators. Providing training materials, and update the software regularly and provide free upgrade.

After receiving the service request of the product user, our company will respond within 12 hours.


Company Profile
Wuhan Timewave IoT Technology Co., Ltd. is a high tech enterprise specializing in the application of Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) core technologies to establish an energy monitoring service platform. We provide a one-stop solution and service for our clients, offering metering and communication equipment, software system platforms, project construction, and daily operation and maintenance.

We independently develop and manufacture the "Timewave" brand LPWAN smart energy meters, smart water meters, smart gas meters, and alarm systems, among other communication terminal products. Coupled with the "Timewave Cloud" energy supervision platform, which encompasses metering, meter reading, billing, management, and control of water, electricity, gas, and heat, we can provide and implement automatic meter reading and billing, carbon emission monitoring, safe electricity use, energy consumption analysis, energy-saving analysis, transformer monitoring, data center environment monitoring, and intelligent operation and maintenance. We have a wealth of experience in the practical application of water and electricity meters using LoRaWAN technology.

The "Timewave Cloud" energy supervision platform is widely used in various settings, including campuses, supermarkets, apartments, hospitals, factories, parks, buildings, railways, airports, data centers, and more.We have connected over 200,000 IoT terminals, implemented over 200 projects, and expanded our reach to over 30 provinces and cities across the country. Moreover, we provide operation and maintenance support for ground projects in multiple countries and regions, including Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Laos, North Korea, and Mongolia.

Timewave IoT Technology is committed to solving issues related to difficult meter reading, billing, payment, energy-saving and efficiency improvement, and safe energy use. We aspire to become a leader in the field of energy IoT and energy supervision platforms.
Smart Water Flow Meter with Prepaid Remote Control and Lora/Lorawan/4G, Cold/Hot Flowmeter, DN15/DN20/DN25 13