Portable LoRaWAN Combustible Gas Detector Alarm For Home Apartment Indoor Use

Place of Origin Hubei , China
Brand Name TimeWave
Certification ISO/IEC 20000-1,ISO/IEC 27001,ISO/IEC 9001
Model Number Type GDA-TW
Minimum Order Quantity Negotiable
Packaging Details Customizable packaging
Delivery Time 3-5 weeks after receive the payment
Payment Terms L/C, T/T

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Product Details
Name Combustible Gas Detector Applicable Gas Combustible
Operating Temperature -10 ℃~+55 ℃ Storage Temperature -15℃~+65℃
Service Life 3 Years Warranty 18 Months
High Light

LoRaWAN Combustible Gas Detector Alarm


LoRaWAN Gas Detector Alarm


Indoor LoRaWAN Gas Detector Alarm

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Product Description

Portable LoRaWAN Combustible Gas Detector Alarm For Home Apartment Indoor Use

  • Product Overview

This product is a highly stable combustible gas detector (hereinafter referred to as the detector). Used to detect leaks of combustible gases.  The detector uses the most advanced semiconductor gas sensing elements. It has the characteristics of stable operation, long service life,  and simple installation. The detector is equipped with a built-in MCU for central control processing, and each functional gauge block is directly or indirectly connected to the I/O port line of the MCU. By solidifying the program inside the MCU to complete the normal operation of each functional module of the detector, the detector can work more stably, safely, and reliably. This product is suitable for safety monitoring in homes, real estate villas, hotels, apartments and other places with combustible gases.


  • Main technical indicators

Executive Standard


Operating Voltage

AC 110~240V

Operating Current

≤ 25mA

Alarm current

≤ 35mA

Preheating time


Alarm concentration


Alarm indication

Red light always on


Yellow indicator light is constantly on

Wireless Communication

LoRaWAN 864-865MHz

Automatic reporting of information

Alarm sound pressure


Operating temperature

-10 ℃~+55 ℃ (for indoor use)

Storage temperature


Ambient humidity

Maximum 95% RH  (no condensation)

Installation method

Wall hanging

Alarm method

Audible and visual alarm

Overall dimension

L109mm* W 65mm* H 35mm

Sensor lifespan

3 years


  • Functions and Features

1. High reliability sensors

2. Automatic reset

3. Using microprocessor control

4. Automatic fault detection indication

5. Detection of natural, liquefied petroleum gas, etc

6. Active upload/bidirectional transparent transmission function: When an alarm occurs, data is actively transmitted

    to the corresponding platform through the LoRaWAN wireless network;

  Upload normal information every 24 hours (configurable); Real time response platform issuing instructions.


  • Operating instructions

4.1 Installation and wiring

(1)Firstly, determine whether the gas to be detected is heavier or lighter than air. Gases heavier than air: liquefied petroleum gas, etc; Gases lighter than air: natural gas, artificial gas, biogas, etc.


(2) Install detectors in appropriate locations based on the weight of the gas.

     a) When detecting gases heavier than air: Installed 0.3-1.0 meters above ground level. Within a radius of 1.5 meters

          from the air source;

     b) When detecting gases that are lighter than air: Installed 0.3-1.0 meters below the ceiling. Within a radius of 1.5 meters from the air source (as shown in the figure below).

Portable LoRaWAN Combustible Gas Detector Alarm For Home Apartment Indoor Use 0

                c) Fix the detector to the socket on the wall and hang it.

                d) When installing at home, it should also be noted that the installation location should not be too close to the gas stove.

                e) To prevent the detector from being baked by the flame of the stove. Cannot be installed in areas with high oil fumes to avoid causing false alarm or poor air intake at the detector's air inlet. This affects the sensing sensitivity of the detector. It cannot be installed in areas with high water vapor content such as exhaust fans, door and window edges, and bathrooms.

                f) According to the correct wiring diagram, all wiring installations must comply with effective national and local regulations and standards. The thickness of the wire core should be appropriate, and the wires connecting the detector and other auxiliary devices should have color markings to avoid miswiring. Improper connections will result in the product not functioning properly.


4.2 Usage requirements

Used separately

(1) Install the detector in the appropriate position according to the "Installation and Wiring".

(2) Turn on the detector power and the circuit enters a 3-minute preheating self test state. After preheating, the green light remains on and the detector enters normal working state.Portable LoRaWAN Combustible Gas Detector Alarm For Home Apartment Indoor Use 1Portable LoRaWAN Combustible Gas Detector Alarm For Home Apartment Indoor Use 2


4.3 Product testing

The detector has a set of self checking buttons that can be used to check whether the LED lights and buzzers of the detector are working properly. When the self check button is pressed, the detector's green, yellow, and red LED lights are all on. At the same time, the buzzer emits a "whine" alarm sound.

It is prohibited to directly aim a lighter at the gas convection window of the detector for testing. Otherwise, it will affect

or even damage the sensors inside the detector.

If testing is required, the gas from the lighter can be placed in an empty plastic fountain water bottle. Then align the mouth of the mineral water bottle with the gas convection window of the detector for venting to test. Do not frequently test with gas too much, as this will reduce the sensitivity of the gas sensing element.

The alarm concentration of gas is set according to the values specified in the GB15322.2-2019 standard. When the concentration of combustible gases in the ambient air is lower than the alarm setting value, the detector will automatically stop alarming and restore to the monitoring state.


4.4 Daily maintenance

After prolonged use of the detector, there may be some oil stains adhering to the gas convection window, which affects the gas sensitivity. It is recommended that users mix a small amount of cleaning agent with a brush every three months (or depending on the pollution situation) to clean the surrounding area of the gas convection window. Do not allow the cleaning solution to enter the machine body. After cleaning, retest the product.

Attention: Before this operation, the detector needs to be powered off.


4.5 Lighting information

Preheating: Power light+alarm light+fault light flashing each other.

Working: Power light is always on in green

Alarm: Alarm light is always on in red, indicator light is always on.

Indicator Fault: Fault light is always on in yellow


4.6 Emergency Handling

When the concentration of combustible gases in the ambient air reaches or exceeds the alarm set concentration value, the

detector will automatically enter a continuous alarm state. At this time, the following should be done:

     1) Immediately close the pipeline valve.

     2) Immediately open the window to circulate indoor air.

     3) Extinguish all sources of ignition. Avoid using anything that can generate sparks (such as turning on a lighter, striking matches, etc.).

     4) Avoid switching on or off various electrical appliances.


  • Note

​​1 This product must have the correct wiring and power supply. Regardless of the reason for losing power, the detector will not function.

2 This product must be regularly maintained according to the requirements of the manual.

3 Detectors cannot have an infinite lifespan and should be tested every six months. If a malfunction is found, it must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

4 This product can reduce the occurrence of accidents, but it cannot guarantee safety. For your safety, in addition to using this product correctly, you should also be vigilant and strengthen your awareness of safety precautions in daily life.


Portable LoRaWAN Combustible Gas Detector Alarm For Home Apartment Indoor Use 3