Intelligent Power Distribution Monitoring System Management Equipment LoRAWAN

Place of Origin Hubei , China
Brand Name TimeWave
Certification ISO/IEC 20000-1,ISO/IEC 27001,ISO/IEC 9001
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Product Details
Name Environment Monitoring System Distribution Equipment Management Software Architecture B/S Architecture+applet/APP+standard API
Centralized Control IFSU Centralized Control Layout Method Cloud Platform, Local Layout
Communication Mode Uplink 4G (CAT1)/WLAN, Downlink RS485/wireless Operation Report Daily, Monthly, Annual And Operation Report
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Intelligent Power Distribution Monitoring System


ODM Power Distribution Monitoring System


LoRAWAN Power Distribution Equipment

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Product Description

Environment Monitoring System Distribution equipment management for Power Distribution Room


Platform Introduction

According to the actual situation of the power distribution room, we independently developed the TimeWaveCloud distribution room power environment monitoring platform and intelligent energy consumption dynamic environment monitoring unit (iFSU). It realizes load operation monitoring such as current, voltage, power and power factors, bus temperature measurement monitoring, cable temperature measurement monitoring, environmental monitoring, entrance guard, air conditioner/fan control, etc. Realize power environment monitoring to avoid power distribution equipment operation failure caused by out of control operation environment. Extend the service life of equipment and ensure the safety of maintenance personnel.


Introduction to system functions and features

  • Centralized control: iFSU centralized control;
  • Communication mode: uplink 4G (CAT1)/WLAN, downlink RS485/wireless;
  • Software architecture: B/S architecture+applet/APP+standard API;
  • System integration: power monitoring, environmental monitoring, security monitoring, bus/cable temperature monitoring are integrated;
  • Real time monitoring: monitoring and displaying the voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor and other operating parameters of the equipment in the power distribution room. And monitoring the environmental operation parameters of the power distribution room;
  • Real time alarm: alarm for abnormal electrical parameters, temperature, humidity, equipment failure or communication failure;
  • Alarm mode: pop-up alarm, voice alarm, SMS, WeChat alarm, audible and visual alarm;
  • Data query: display and query the real-time operation information of the power distribution room;
  • Display mode: Kanban display, chart and curve graph display;
  • Operation report: daily, monthly, annual and operation report;
  • Permission management: define the permissions of users at different levels to ensure reliable and safe operation;
  • Layout: cloud platform, local layout.

Wiring diagram

  • Primary wiring diagram of 10kV box type substation/distribution room

Intelligent Power Distribution Monitoring System Management Equipment LoRAWAN 0


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                                Major functions

  Intelligent energy consumption 

  power environment monitoring 

    unit (IFSU) (Tw-IFSU type)

Data upload interface:

RJ45 network interface/RS485/CAT1/NB-IOT/LORAWAN.

Switching input: 8 circuits (used for switching value alarm of smog detector, door magnet, water immersion, 220V mains power failure, etc.)

DDSD1150/DTSD1150Type three-       phase multi-function electric

           watt hour meter

It can measure positive active, negative active electric energy and A/B/C phase electric energy. It can measure total power, total power factor,A/B/C current,A/B/C voltage,A/B/C power factor.

Three phase four wire electronic                  watt hour meter

             (DTS150 type)

It integrates the functions of metering, alarm, display, switching, monitoring power parameters and overload. The combined active and reactive power can be measured. It has the functions of measuring voltages, currents,power factors,remote centralized meter reading,etc.

LoRa Temperature and humidity                       sensor

It provides cost-effective LoRaWAN terminal nodes for various work scenarios. It is an IP64 enclosure. Long operation time and low maintenance cost.It is very suitable for outdoor use.

          LoRa smog detector

The alarm information that can be sent includes:fire, fault, undervoltage, self inspection, etc. They have universality, extensibility and readability with the communication protocol adopted by the upper layer.

   LoRa water  immersion detector

It is an alarm device for water leakage detection and is compatible with LoRaWAN protocol.The radio transmission is based on LoRa long-distance technology. According to the required behavior and status, the sensor can transmit information and data to the server.

        LoRa Cable temperature                       measuring device

A cable temperature measuring devicebased on LoRaWAN. With temperature detection, data reporting, remote monitoring and other functions.


  • Functions of system software
  1. Monitoring data information:Electric energy data: various electric energy parameters, voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor, etc;
  2. Out of limit data: voltage, power, temperature, etc;
  3. Temperature and humidity data: bus contact temperature, cable temperature, ambient temperature and ambient humidity;
  4. Smog alarm status and alarm elimination;

Intelligent Power Distribution Monitoring System Management Equipment LoRAWAN 1

  • Screen display

Platform access overview (platform operation and maintenance): mainly showing the total access, total transformer quantity, total transformer capacity, total equipment quantity and daily load, daily electricity quantity and map display. The platform operation and maintenance display can be shared.

Intelligent Power Distribution Monitoring System Management Equipment LoRAWAN 2


  • More features
  1. User presentation overview: it displays the power consumption profile, site profile, operation status, curve and alarm of all users. Users can be selected from the drop-down box;
  2. Power parameters: display real-time and historical voltage, current, power, power factor and other curve information of the specified site;
  3. Temperature information: it displays the curve of the ambient temperature in the substation room, the collection time, the average value and other information;
  4. The system provides the pre alarm configuration function, which can realize the configuration and management of equipment alarm (equipment offline, analog quantity out of limit, temperature out of limit, etc.) strategies. You can set the trigger time of the alarm, the type of the alarm, whether to enable SMS, audible and visual alarm, etc.
  5. Pre alert Info: The alert information of the site is recorded here. Alarm includes: voltage, current and other line crossing alarm; Switching value alarm; Event alarm; Other alarms. It can record the total number and category of alarms, and filter alarm information according to different search conditions. You can also view the alarm status and send orders to the operation and maintenance personnel to deal with problems through the dispatch function of the alarm.
  6. User management: 4 sub items, including user permission setting, operation record, control record and system record. User permissions can be set and changed under high-level user authorization. Operation records are records of system operations, such as page switching, system data query, and equipment operations. The control record is used to record the control information issued by the system, including time, user and controls operated. It serves as an important basis for subsequent control system analysis. The system records the relevant status of the system operation.