The Great Wall Collection

March 21, 2023
Latest company case about The Great Wall Collection

latest company case about The Great Wall Collection  0

              The Phase I and Phase II of The Great Wall Collection is located in Chu River Han Street, Wuchang, Wuhan. The total building area is 19839, and the total floor area is 10601. There are 264 houses in total.


  Management System: TimeWave energy monitoring platform, intelligent terminal access (PaaS)


  Terminal Hardware: Lora Gateway, single-phase watt-hour meter 2 three-phase watt-hour meter 599


  Programme effectiveness:

  The Great Wall Collection project was originally an intranet model made by a third party, which was changed from our company to a cloud platform model. Remote meter reading and billing can be realized by installing smart meters and LoRa gateways. Through the access management of the TimeWave energy supervision platform, the functions of remote power on/off, charge management, data summary and report export are realized. Users can use WeChat to query the usage and recharge the pre-payment.