Tansa Geosynthetics (China) Co. , Ltd.

March 21, 2023
Latest company case about Tansa Geosynthetics (China) Co. , Ltd.

latest company case about Tansa Geosynthetics (China) Co. , Ltd.  0

Located in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Tansa Geosynthetics (China) Co. , Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise invested by British Tansa Group Co. , Ltd. .


  Management System: TimeWave Energy Monitoring Platform, energy distribution monitoring system

  Means of communication:4G

  Terminal hardware: concentrator, three-phase watt-hour meter


  Programme effectiveness:

  Through the subdivision and statistics of all energy consumption in the plant area, the use and consumption of various types of energy can be displayed to the management personnel with intuitive data and charts. It is convenient to find out high energy consumption points or unreasonable energy consumption habits, so as to achieve safe energy use, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and improve quality and efficiency. It provides accurate data support for users to further energy-saving transformation or equipment upgrading, and monitors the energy consumption environment of the power distribution room.