Fantastic Home (Xianning Store)

March 21, 2023
Latest company case about Fantastic Home (Xianning Store)

latest company case about Fantastic Home (Xianning Store)  0

Location Xianning, Hubei Category Commercial complex Means of communication LoRaWAN


Project Overview:
Xianning Fantasy Home Project is a commercial complex. The electricity meters are scattered in each floor corridor. The electricity meter uploads the data to the cloud platform through the LoRaWAN gateway.
Software information:
Software system PaaS/new SaaS
Functional overview: LoRaWAN communication standard (wireless mode) is adopted to complete the information transmission between tables and between the management background. Realize self-service functions such as timely electricity charge data query, payment and financial statistics on computers and mobile terminals (WeChat)
Hardware information:
Collection equipment: Gateway Quantity: 9
Terminal: Three-phase watt-hour meter Quantity: 9