Wuhan Sports University

March 2, 2023
Latest company case about Wuhan Sports University

Wuhan Sports University. It is called "Martial Arts" for short. Located in Wuhan, Hubei Province. As of June 2021, the school covers an area of 1820.6 mu. It is divided into East Lake Campus, Tibetan Dragon Island Campus, Wudang Mountain Campus and East Lake High tech Zone (Baoxie) Campus. It has 16 teaching units and 25 undergraduate majors.


  Management system: TimeWave energy supervision platform. Meter reading and charging system in student apartment

Communication mode: prepaid card

Terminal hardware: single-phase local charge control smart electricity meter


Programme effectiveness:

  Complete the reconstruction of the electricity meters in the students' dormitories in the campus. Prepayment management is realized by installing single-phase local charge control smart electricity meters. Through the TimeWave energy supervision platform, the functions of pre charging, terminal information summary, data summary and report export are realized.