Optics Valley Liufang Xintiandi

March 21, 2023
Latest company case about Optics Valley Liufang Xintiandi

latest company case about Optics Valley Liufang Xintiandi  0

Optics Valley Liufang Xintiandi is close to the self built community and positioned as the super neighborhood center. The total volume has reached 46000 square meters, consisting of 4 single buildings. It has a wide and open block square and many flower sceneries, creating a comfortable commercial space.


  Management System: TimeWave energy monitoring platform, meter reading and charging system


  Terminal Hardware: Lora Gateway, three-phase watt-hour meter


  Programme effectiveness:

  Complete the electrical meter transformation of shopping malls and surrounding shops. Remote meter reading is realized by installing smart meter and setting up Lora Gateway. Through the TimeWave energy supervision platform, the functions of remote power on and off, time-sharing power supply, charge management, data summary and report export are realized. Users can use wechat mobile phone for volume query and pre-payment recharge.